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The Blue Club

The Blue Club is a grassroots media organisation that brings the marginalised voices to the forefront. Led by an all-women team, our organisation strives to pass the mic and amplify the voices of the suppressed who have been deliberately silenced and muffled for generations -  specifically the marginalized women from  regions of high poverty rates. 



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Founder Director

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Nivedha Lakshmi

Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor


Vinitha P M Swamy

Communications Director

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Design Strategist

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Anannya G Madonna

Advocacy Lead

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Christina Dhanaraj

Media Fellowship Advisor

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The Blue Club is not just an organization - it is a Movement led by women who firmly believe that the future is equal for all. We fight together against the multilayered oppressions that exist in our society and believe in creating an anti-casteist feminist future. We are not just a group of colleagues but a team that strongly believes in the concept of sisterhood and hence stand by each other during our darkest times. By joining us, you will not just work for us but become part of a great team that thrives together.

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