The Blue Club 

The Blue Club is a grassroots media organisation that brings the marginalised voices to the forefront. Led by an all-women team, our organisation strives to pass the mic and amplify the voices of the suppressed who have been deliberately silenced and muffled for generations -  specifically the marginalized women from  regions of high poverty rates. 


The Blue Club was founded in 2015, in a small corner of the largest  slum in Chennai. As a young emerging organisation, - we brought out the everyday adversities faced by people living in urban slums in big metropolitan cities. By bringing out these stories into the mainstream media, our organisation has changed the way our society views them and has in turn affected the opinion of key policy makers involved in making changes to the lives of the people living in urban slums. We have also, through our unique fellowship research, brought about the links between Climate Change and social inequities in our country.



Over the years The Blue club has led many initiatives to amplify the voices of women from marginalized caste-gender-sexuality-ability locations in urban and rural areas across South India using media as a tool. We have organised multiple media workshops in these areas to encourage them to take up community journalism. We have also video-documented the life struggles of community leaders who raise their voice against all forms of oppression.