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The Blue Club 

The Blue Club was founded in 2015, in a small corner of the largest slum in Chennai. As a young emerging organization, - we brought out the everyday adversities faced by people living in urban slums in big metropolitan cities. By highlighting these stories in the mainstream media, our organization has changed the way our society views them and has in turn affected the opinion of key policymakers.

Our group's mission is to work with marginalized communities in the digital space, to carry out advocacy for their social, economic, and political rights. We hope to build a community of enthusiastic journalists, writers, content creators, and filmmakers from diverse social locations, that are looking to raise and discuss contemporary issues of caste, religion, gender, sexuality, and mental health in mainstream media. While we recognize the lack of representation of Dalit, Muslim, Adivasi, trans, and queer folk in the Indian digital media expanse, we are invested in honing their skills to empower them to tell their stories, creating an intersectional feminist news and media coverage. 


Our everyday targets include facilitating writing fellowships and publishing support for women and queer folk from oppressed backgrounds, community grievance and redressal forums for marginalized women in urban slums, and catering to the specific emotional and social needs of those facing structural oppression. More importantly, we strive to digress from a toxic masculine and unempathetic work culture and instead build an Ambdekarite feminist media space that is grassroots-driven. This includes inculcating more culturally sensitive journalistic principles, framed by a nuanced understanding of how caste and gender operate in gender-based violence, urban slum eviction programs, and issues relating to body autonomy. We also recognize that a critical discourse translates on the ground only when there is community work and collaboration, and are therefore interested in building local and international solidarities with other oppressed groups dreaming of a radically nurturing and inclusive feminist future. 

Through the Years

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