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The Blue Club
Media Fellowship 2022

together we write...

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Every year since 2015, we have held media workshops in high-poverty regions like rural and urban slums within constrained spaces. The pandemic has brought forward new arenas of virtual engagement and raised our confidence to launch a nationwide fellowship program, exclusively for Dalit women and queer persons. Following our announcement of the Media Fellowship in September 2020, we gathered an overwhelming response of over 300+ applicants from all across the country. After an intensive national selection process, we narrowed the candidates down to thirty fellows, who were participants in a series of lectures and writing workshops from experts from across the globe, who were imminent in the journalism and media industry.

This three-month-long intensive online workshop and lecture series gave passionate writers a chance to interact and learn from experts in the field, ranging from anti-caste activists to international award-winning authors and relentless advocates for gender equality. The program was designed to cover contemporary topics that fellows could delve into intrinsically, based on their own lives and the world around them. In light of this, fellows were introduced to and expected to write on topics such as gender, body image, social media, caste, politics, etc, which motivated them to reflect on their social locations and thereby produce work that was novel and realistic. We are proud to announce that most of our past Fellows have gone on to publish their work in leading news and media outlets, and have taken forward the skills gained during the Fellowship! 

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I found my people through my writing.

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-Divya Malhari, TBC Media Fellow 2021

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The Media Fellowship taught me to write both critical and creative pieces.

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-Sabari, TBC Media Fellow 2021

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I interacted with people coming from different regions, ideologies, and backgrounds, but sharing similar caste-based experiences. That's where I learned the beauty of Dalit sisterhood.

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-Jatin, TBC Media Fellow 2021

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The Fellowship has immensely contributed to the Dalit and LGBTQ+ movements. It has proven that we CAN write! We are not just spectators or mute subjects, but have the potential to tell our own stories. 

-Priyadarshini, Founder and Director TBC

-Poojitha, TBC Media Fellow 2021

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