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Application Guidelines

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If you are a Dalit Woman / Dalit Queer writer living in India with minimal or no publication experience and…
  • If you are passionate about subject areas such as Caste and Gender and willing to learn how to write on these topics. 

  • If you are an aspiring writer or journalist interested in politics, education, environment, law, and health from an anti-casteist feminist perspective.

  • If you are a socially concerned writer still exploring your area of interest. 

  • If you feel your voice has been muffled by caste-gender majorities and are looking for a community of writers and artists. 

  • If you are born after 1st July 1992 and must not be more than 30 years of age at the time the Fellowship commences.

  • Are currently an Indian national & resident of India. 

What are you expected to do during the course of the Fellowship?

  • Write a minimum of four articles (two short and two long) for The Blue Club in the topic areas given. The articles can be reports, analytical pieces, advocacy-focused articles, personal essays, or screenplays. 

  • Participate in 8 Zoom discussions each month with journalists, writers, and other workshop facilitators as determined by TBC.  The sessions will be held on weekends only.

  • Dedicate solid hours every week to read and write about selected topics.

  • Receive mentorship in choosing, writing, editing, and publishing articles from the given topic areas. 

  • Make great connections within the anti-casteist and feminist-media community.

  • Receive Rs.30,000 stipend for the three-month fellowship.

How to Apply? 

  • A cover letter on ‘Why are you interested in The Blue Club Media Fellowship For Writers 2022?’ , not more than 500 words long.

  • Two relevant writing samples between  600 to 1000 words each (published or unpublished).  

  • The application deadline is May 30th, 2022.  If you have further queries, please reach us at

Sounds like you are ready!

Topic areas

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