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Support our work! Every small bit counts!

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The Blue Club has helped strengthen the Dalit Community in Chennai by providing various social services that community needed.  We work everyday to empower and amplify marginalized voices. We strive towards making every single voice count. One such initiative by our team was  bringing our first ever media fellowship– ‘The Blue Club Media Fellowship 2021’– to fruition. 

The Blue Club started its first ever media fellowship program in 2021 with over 300 applications. With such an overwhelming number and such enthusiasm shown by the community, it became hard to choose a cohort. 20 fellows were chosen but not all could be given a stipend. This year we hope that our mission ‘The Blue Club Media Fellowship 2022’ is supported by you. The Blue Club has been able to fulfill all its missions with the support of a dedicated and passionate team who gives their time, talent, and treasure to volunteer and serve. But, most importantly, it is your support through crowdfunding and donations that helped us realize this wonderful idea and bring the cohort of 2021 to fruition. 

This year too we need your valuable support through donations. Whether it be a large or small amount, every little bit helps. We believe that every small voice has limitless potential. Every single voice has the ability to change the world! When you donate, you also give back to the community and help build a better society.  And helping The Blue Club is certainly a great way to do so!

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