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Core Team


Founder Director

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Priyadharsini is a journalist, an alumnus of the prestigious Asian College of Journalism. After working with various media outlets like India Today, Asiaville News Priyadharsini decided that she would get into reporting about and working with Dalit communities in India. It’s this journey that led her towards setting up ‘The Blue Club’ , an initiative to amplify the voices of women and LGBTQIA persons from marginalised caste and gender locations.

Nivedha is an Aeronautical Engineer by profession and a strong advocate for women’s rights by her very nature. She is an ardent educator; mentors and guides everyone who participates in the organisation’s programs. She guides the core team to plan way ahead of every event and helps them to strategically align all group activities with the core founding values.

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Nivedha Lakshmi
Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor

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Vinitha P M Swamy
Communications Advisor

Vinitha is an Intersectional Feminist who raises her voice against all forms of oppression - caste, class, gender, race, religion, ability and sexuality. She is the driving force behind The Blue Club’s reach across multi-locations, multi-state and global environments. Her rich and insightful experience along with her infectious passion has helped our team to work through change since our inception and achieve growth in challenging environments.


Vinitha P M Swamy is a Corporate Communications professional with 13+ years of experience in diverse industries. Her impressive profile includes a vast experience in Media Relations, Marketing Communications, Brand Management, CSR, Audio Video Production and Change Management. She is the Recipient of the ‘Association of Business Communicators of India’ (ABCI) and ‘Public Relations Society of India’ (PRSI) industry awards. 

Christina Dhanraj writes about politics of identity, diversity & inclusion, mental health, community care, and intersectional discourses between caste, gender, religion, race, and sexuality. She is also a Corporate Professional with 12+ years of experience working and living in India, Singapore, China, the United States, and the Netherlands. She is currently an Advisor for Smashboard. She was formerly the Co-Founder of the Dalit History Month project and a volunteer for #dalitwomenfight. She has a noticeable presence on Twitter with over 9000 followers.

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Christina Thomas Dhanraj
Media Fellowship Advisor

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Legal Advisor

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Sunitha holds an  M A in Psychology from Annamalai University, Batchelor in Law from Dr.Ambedkar law college Chennai, and a Diploma in Social work from Navanirmana Institution, Stella Maris College. 


She has worked in a range of NGOs such as Nesakkaram, Arunodaya, Mottukkal Project, Good Shepherd Convent in Chennai, particularly with street and working children, women domestic workers, and workers from the unorganized sector. 

In 2000, she found Paadhai, a nonprofit organization founded to serve underprivileged communities. Subsequently, in 2002 and 2013, a shelter for homesless girls and boys were started respectively. Through these efforts, they were able to reach over 1500 children, and provide them with shelter, counselling and other rehabilitation and referral services. Close to 30 girls have graduated through this organisation and pursued employment in diverse sectors. 

She also serves as a member of the Child Welfare Committee, Thiruvallur, which is an honorary body under the J.J Act 2015, established to support children in need of care and protection. Additionally, she is also a part of the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC), mandated under the POSH Act (2013) in companies, where she represents interests of women facing sexual harassment. 

Fellowship Team

Aditi is pursuing her Masters's in South Asian Studies at the University of Oxford, previous to which they graduated from Tata Insititute of Social Sciences at Hyderabad. They hope to complete a doctorate in Social Anthropology.  

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Research Associate

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Program Associate

Sriragavi is a Computer Science Engineer and a writer. She is currently a civil services aspirant who believes in inclusive growth. She believes in the annihilation of caste, intersectional feminism, and equal rights for LGBTQA+ persons. 

Elbee is a graduate in Philosophy from Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi. As a young Dalit woman, who is trying to unlearn, learn, and relearn, she understands that it is imperative to create space and make sure that the marginalized voices are heard.

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Program Manager
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