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Founder Director

Priyadharsini is a Journalist and Documentary Filmmaker, whose film #dalitwomenfight, about the rape atrocities committed on Dalit women in Haryana, was screened in the 38th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Commission, Geneva. She founded The Blue Club to combat the omnipresent systems of caste and patriarchy in India. During her four years of leadership , the organisation has grown multifold and has  become an  inevitable  voice in the media.  Her expertise in transforming complex concepts into engaging multimedia content has enabled millenials and post millennials to engage in topics such as  caste, gender, sexuality and  ability. 


As an enterprising Media Professional with sound technical skills, she has directed  numerous short films and documentaries including Go, Get Education, a short film based on the life of Savitribai Phule, a revolutionary 19th century feminist social reformer.


Nivedha is an Aeronautical Engineer by profession and a strong advocate for women’s rights by her very nature. She is an ardent educator; mentors and guides everyone who participates in the organisation’s programs. She guides the core team to plan way ahead of every event and helps them to strategically align all group activities with the core founding values.


Nivedha Lakshmi

Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor


Vinitha P M Swamy

Communications Director

Vinitha is an Intersectional Feminist who raises her voice against all forms of oppression - caste, class, gender, race, religion, ability and sexuality. She is the driving force behind The Blue Club’s reach across multi-locations, multi-state and global environments. Her rich and insightful experience along with her infectious passion has helped our team to work through change since our inception and achieve growth in challenging environments.


Vinitha P M Swamy is a Corporate Communications professional with 13+ years of experience in diverse industries. Her impressive profile includes a vast experience in Media Relations, Marketing Communications, Brand Management, CSR, Audio Video Production and Change Management. She is the Recipient of the ‘Association of Business Communicators of India’ (ABCI) and ‘Public Relations Society of India’ (PRSI) industry awards. 

Christina writes about politics of identity, diversity & inclusion, mental health, community care, and intersectional discourses between caste, gender, religion, race, and sexuality. She is the Advisor for ‘The Blue Club Media Fellowship for Writers 2020-21’ which is to be launched for the first time this year. .


Christina Dhanaraj is a Corporate Professional with 12+ years of experience working and living in India, Singapore, China, the United States, and the Netherlands. She is currently an Advisor for Smashboard. She was formerly the Co-Founder of the Dalit History Month project and a volunteer for #dalitwomenfight. She has a noticeable presence on Twitter with over 9000 followers.

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Christina Thomas Dhanraj

Media Fellowship Advisor

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Design Strategist

Gireesh is an Illustrator, Artist and Writer. He is the mastermind  behind all the beautiful visual content you see on our website and social media pages. This multi-talented artist designs and executes all our digital campaigns that deliver important social issues to the millennials and post-millenials of our region.


His first book ‘Vidupattavai’ in Tamil was published in January 2018. He has translated children’s books for various publications. He is also the Festival Director of ‘Chennai Queer LitFes’t. Between  2012 - 2014, he was an independent consultant for  non-government organisations that worked for the welfare of LGBTQ people.

Anannya is a Dalit feminist and a staunch Ambedkarite. She is the backbone of all our initiatives  that aim to bring about the representation of Dalit women in digital media. An eloquent writer and incredible orator - she constantly represents The Blue Club in various forums across India and thrives to advocate our core principles of anti-casteism and feminism. She is an empathetic counsellor who guides our team to bring out the best in ourselves.


Anannya is the first woman to become the President of Ambedkar Students’ Association at a Central University such as the Pondicherry University from 2019 to 2020. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Applied Psychology at the same university.


Anannya G Madonna

Advocacy Lead